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AGM History

16th Annual General Meeting

May 30-31, 2013 | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The 16th EBC AGM was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on the invitation by the EBC sponsoring members Nederlandse Gasunie and Royal Boskalis Westminster. It brought together over 300 delegates and guests, and was focused on the topic «Development of LNG and its Impact on the European Gas Markets» Mr. Jos de Groot, Director of Energy Markets, Ministry of Economy of the Netherlands, took part in the opening ceremony of the AGM. The forum re-elected the EBC Presiding Committee Membership.

15th Annual General Meeting

31 May – 1 June 2012 | Portorose, Slovenia

The 15th Jubilee AGM is due to be held in Portorose, Slovenia, on May 31st -June1st, 2012.
The hosting company was Comita d.d. Mr. Z. Cernac, Minister of Infrastructure and Spacial Planning of Slovenia, took part in the AGM. The forum was focused on the topic «Energy Security and New Opportunities for Natural Gas». Early 300 delegates and guests came together to mark the 15th anniversary of the EBC. The AGM unanimously re-elected Dr. A. B. Miller as the EBC President and Mr. Juergen Fitschen was elected as the EBC Vice-President. The forum also re-elected the membership of the EBC Board of Directors.

14th Annual General Meeting

2-3 June 2011 | Prague, Czech Republic

The 14th AGM was held in Prague, the Czech Republic, on June 2-3, 2011. The focal topic was «Ecological Challenges and the Energy Sector». The forum marked the 10th anniversy of Dr. A. Miller’s EBC Presidency. It was hosted by the Czech energy company VEMEX s.r.o. and was co-sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Czech Energy Major MND.

The Czech Prome-Minister Mr. Klaus met with Dr. Miller in the frame of the event, ad the First Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Mr. Hüner took part in the Plenary session of the AGM. In the evening of the first AGM day an official opening of the international LNG driven automobiles rally took place. High-level forum brought together more than 300 participants from 23 OSCE countries.

13th Annual General Meeting

10-11 June 2010 | Cannes, France

The 13th AGM was held in Cannes, France, on June, 10-11, 2010 and was focused on «Natural Gas- the Energy of the 21st Century». The AGM was hosted by Total S.A. and co-sponsored by the banks Credit Agricole CIB and Societe Generale.

The forum brought together over 300 participants representing 84 companies and organisations-members to the EBC. The EBC President Dr. A. Miller gave a press-conference and participated as a key speaker at the afternoon conference. These two events were broadly covered by the global and European media. The main idea of the forum was that natural gas being the accessable and ecologically clean energy source, will be the energy of the future