Working Group: Ecology and Healthcare

The Committee has defined its activity in compliance with the motto “for the quality of life”.

In this sense and with the aim of achieving concrete results in the framework of “Ecology and Healthcare” are considered different problems. Projects are selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Relevance to actual international environmental problems related to environment and healthcare;
  • Compliance with interests of as greater number of IBC members as possible;
  • Verification via small pilot projects.

In the course of discussing concrete projects it was considered advisable to divide the committee into two sub-working groups:

  • Ecology Management
  • Healthcare Technologies and Facilities Management

Dr. Alexander Ishkov (PJSC Gazprom) is the coordinator of the first sub-working group.

    It deals with the following topics:

  • Actual topics related to Environmental and Social Management;
  • Environmental Policies;
  • Impact of the Energy sector and large infrastructural facilities on Environment;
  • Raising society´s awareness of significant environmental issues.

Dr. Mikhail Putin (PJSC Gazprom) is the coordinator of the second sub-working group.

    It deals with the following two topics:

  • Standardization of healthcare facilities and services in emergencies
  • Ecological and Medical Monitoring of Gerontology Problems Under Current Industrial Conditions.

These topics were selected on the basis of their direct relation to most actual problems in many countries. The solution of these problems would make more effective environmental protection and healthcare systems, which would enhance the level of security of oil and gas supplies to Europe.

Guest-speakers experts are often invited to take part in the Committee meetings. This presents an opening for receiving an up to date information on actual ecological and healthcare issues and provides the Committee members with the possibility to better know the concrete problems.

Anyone who is interested in a close cooperation with us in the framework of Ecology and Healthcare may feel invited to take part in the work of our Committee. Please contact for any further information:

IBC Secretariat

Phone +386 (0)4 281 25 12 | E-Mail


Working Committee Meeting Ecology and Healthcare
Date and Venue – tbc


13 April 2018, Munich, Germany

“Value Chain integration in O&G – Siemens Digital Hydrocarbon Concept”
by Mr. Helmut Schnabl, Business Development Head, Siemens AT, Austria
“Applying simulation and additive manufacturing to the development of next generation of hydrogen combustion”
by Mr. Jenny Larfeldt, Professor, Senior Key Expert, R&D, Siemens AB, Sweden

05 December 2014, Berlin

“Progress report” by S. Blagova, Chairlady of the ECOH Working Committee

Dr. Nebojsa Jankovic

Chairman Working Group Ecology and Healthcare

Comita Group of Companies | 5a, First Magistralny Tupik | 123290 Moscow | Russia

Dr. Alexander Ishkov

Sub-Working Group “Ecology” – coordinator

PJSC Gazprom | 16 Nametkina St. |117884 Moscow | Russia

Dr. Mikhail Putin

Sub-Working Group “Healthcare” – coordinator

PJSC Gazprom | 16 Nametkina St. | 117997 Moscow | Russian Federation