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Working Group: Energy

The Working Group Energy is one of the biggest and most active Working Groups with around 40 companies and institutions from 20 countries attending.

The Working Group Energy set up 2 Sub-Groups:

  • Natural Gas Markets
  • Investment in Oil and Gas

The meetings, which are held about once per quarter and are usually hosted by a member company, are characterized by a cooperative and constructive atmosphere, which enables the Working Group to easily focus on major problems that regard the energy sector throughout the entire European area.

Dominating topics have been the liberalisation of the natural gas markets in Europe, the development of gas supplies to Europe as well as the development of the respective transport infrastructure, and new markets for natural gas as well as the prospects for developing the great resources of the oil and gas sector in the Russian Federation and in Central Asia.

Frequently guest speakers are invited to the meetings to report on recent developments in the energy markets. Examples being, Gazprom export reporting on the market prospective of Russian gas to China, and E.ON Global Commodities, Gaz de France and Accenture reporting on developments on the LNG-Market, or Marine Service reporting on the latest development in LNG-shipping.
 Also it has become common practice that member companies report on joint projects they are developing, e.g. E.ON Global Commodities, Wintershall and PJSC Gazprom on the joint project Nord Stream in the Baltic Sea.

At the end of each meeting the respective Sub-Group Coordinator summarizes the results of the meeting and if appropriate, formulates messages which can be conveyed to the Presiding Committee of the IBC as basis for formal statements of the IBC. Both the Summaries and/or Messages to the Presiding Committee and the Presentations of the Working Group’s Meetings are published on this Website and can be found under the section “Publications”.

You are cordially invited to join the Working Group Energy and to play a part in our circle.
Please contact for any further information:

Mr. Tobias Schuchmann

Uniper Global Commodities SE
Phone +49 211 732 75 97 45 | E-Mail


Working Committee Meeting Energy | 15-16 March 2018 | St. Petersburg, Russia


26 May 2017, Vienna

“Gas Prices in Europe What Affects What?” by Mr. Valery Nemov, Gazprom export
“Energy Market Regulation” by Mr. Maximilian Kuhn, GAZPROM Germania

24 March 2017, Berlin

“Some Aspects of the Power and Gas Supply by Waste Management” by Alexander Gosten, Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe
“Gas for Transport – 2025” by David Graebe, Gazprom NGV Europe GmbH
“Gas to Power” by Nikolay Rotmistrov, Siemens

11 November 2016, Oslo

“Taking Stock of the European Gas Market” by Rannveig Sofie Stangeland, Statoil
“Managing Norway’s Petroleum Resources”by Johannes Kjode, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
“Reliable Subsea Gas Transport; The History and Contribution of DNV GL-ST-F101 Standard”by Leif Collberg, DNV GL
“Gas Transported to Market on Keel as LNG or in Pipelines; What is Better?”by Nils Andreas Masvie, DNV GL

27 May 2016, St. Petersburg

“PDF – Siemens Gas turbine localization in Russia” by Nico Paetzold, Siemens
“Video – Siemens Gas turbine localization in Russia” by Nico Paetzold, Siemens
“Supply and demand balance of natural gas in Europe” by Sergei Komlev, Gazprom export
“LNG in Road Transport: Preliminary Results” by Stanislav Urzhumtsev,, Gazprom Gas-Engine Fuel

22 April 2016, Hague

“Small scale LNG developments from the perspective of an infrastructure player” by Jan van Esch, Gasunie
“LNG as shipping fuel – current use and its future growth potential” by Nils Andreas Masvie, DNV GL – Oil and Gas

20 November 2015, Berlin

“Nord Stream II – Another project for the security of supply of Europe” by Oliver Giese, E.ON Global Commodities SE
“Mass Production of Pipes for Nord Stream I and prepared for Nord Stream II” by Hans-Georg Hillenbrand, Europipe GmbH

17 April 2015, Lerici

“Introductory Remarks” by Uwe H. Fip, E.ON Global Commodities SE
“Recent developments in European gas markets” by Burkhard Woelki, Gazprom Germania GmbH
“Med Hydrocarbon opportunities: the Italian case” by Massimo Sciancalepore, Enel
“New gas infrastructure in Europe” by Oliver Giese, E.ON Global Commodities

Mr. Uwe H. Fip

Chairman Working Group Energy

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