Working Group: Energy

The IBC Energy Committee is one of the biggest and most active IBC Working Groups with around 40 companies and institutions from 20 countries attending. The Group strives to identify, analyse and follow the latest trends in the natural gas business.

Meetings are held about once per quarter, are hosted by a member company of the IBC, and are best characterized by a cooperative and constructive atmosphere. Against this background, it is easy to focus on the actual challenges for natural gas and to demonstrate solutions or new technical progress along the entire value chain of this commodity.

Dominating topics have been the liberalisation of the natural gas markets in Europe, the dwindling indigenous production, calling for new gas supply options for Europe as well as major transport infrastructure projects. Most recently the Energy Committee discussed gas to power, and the increasing use of gas for transport or marine bunkering. Finally, topics around small scale LNG and the enhanced possibilities to connect also remote regions to a stable gas supply came to the attention of the Committee.

Frequently, guest speakers are invited to the meetings to report on recent developments in the energy markets. Examples being, Gazprom elaborating on the market prospective of Russian gas to China, Uniper Global Commodities and Siemens reporting on developments in gas to power, or DNVGL updating on the latest progress in LNG-shipping and the continuous technological progress in this area.

At the end of each meeting the Group Coordinator summarizes the results of the meeting and if appropriate, formulates messages which can be conveyed to the Presiding Committee of the IBC as basis for formal statements. Both the summaries and/or messages to the Presiding Committee and the presentations of the Energy Committee meetings are published on this website and can be found under the section “Publications”.

You are cordially invited to join the IBC Energy Committee and to play an active part!
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Mr. Daniel Hammes

Uniper Global Commodities SE
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Working Committee Meeting Energy
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Mr. Uwe H. Fip

Chairman Working Group Energy

Senior Vice President, Uniper Global Commodities SE
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