8th Annual General Meeting

2-3 June 2005 | Vilnius, Lithuania

The 8th AGM was held on June 2-3, 2005, in Vilnius, Lithuania.
The topic was «The Baltic Sea Region-a Growth Hub for Europe». The forum brought together over 250 delegates and guests. The President of Lithuania, Mr. Valdas Adamkus, the Premier- Minister Mr. Algurdas Brazauskas and other representatives of the Lithuanian government participated in the AGM. The host was the renowned leader of the Lithuanian economy, the EBC member company «Achemos Grupe». The forum studied the development prospects of the Baltic region from the point of view of its integration into the European Union. The outstanding politicians, heads of energy majors, heads of international organisations and high-ranking scientists took part in the afternoon conference. The presentations made at the conference were published in the Internet and received a media coverage. They were also forwarded to the interested international organisations.