19. White Stork
(Presented by “ECOH” working committee)


This project idea is inspired by the participation of EBC member companies in large-scale infrastructure projects (pipelines etc.). The project envisages the implementation of special environmental protecting measures, in addition to any measures provisioned by national bodies aiming to protect nature and bird biodiversity, in particular the White stork.

  • Increase Habitats for living and reproduction of the white stork resulting from the implementation of conservation actions;
  • Expansion of international cooperation between European local communities related to the protection of the white stork.
  • Expanded partnerships with local non-governmental organizations, attraction of new members.

Participants/Implementers of the project

Overgas Inc. AD and OAO Gazprom.

The co-ordinator of the project on the part of EBC is Mr. D. Weßling, E.ON New Build & Technology GmbH. Project is approved as subject to financial support by the EBC at the Presiding Committee meeting in December 2013.

Start of the project:


Duration of the project:

3 years

The project is fully paid and implemented in 2016.