5. Oil and Gas Projects: A Glance into the Future
(Presented by “MTPP” working committee)


The idea of the project is to create conditions to promote scientific research in developing innovative technologies of production, storage, processing and transportation of energy resources as well as advocacy of current scientific achievements.

Participants/Implementers of the project

PJSC Gazprom and influential experts and young leaders of gas industry, leading Russian and foreign scientists and students of the Russian and international universities cooperating with the leading energy companies.

The co-ordinator of the project on the part of the IBC is Mr. D. Weßling, Uniper Technologies GmbH.

Approved as subject to financial support by the IBC at the IBC Presiding Committee meeting in December 2017.

Duration of the project:

36 months, January 2018 – December 2020

Start of the project:



3rd International Young Scientists Awards “Oil & Gas Projects: A Glance into the Future” 2020

Project Information
Project Roadmap