41st IBC Presiding Committee Meeting

The forty first ordinary Presiding Committee Meeting of the International Business Congress e.V. took place on 6th of December 2019 in the Belmond Grand Hotel Europe in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Entrusted by the IBC President the Presiding committee member, Chairman of the Business Security working committee and the Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom management committee, Dr. Sergey Khomyakov took over the chair and proceed with moderation of the meeting.

This year the meeting was attended by guest of honor, his Excellency, the Ambassador of Singapore to the Russian Federation, Mr. Premjith Sadasivan. The Ambassador welcomed the IBC Presiding Committee members and guests of the meeting and expressed his sincere joy on the occasion of choosing Singapore as a venue to hold the next 23rd Annual General Meeting. In his speech, his Excellency assured the readiness of the Singapore government to support the IBC members to get acquainted with major Singapore energy companies in the frames of the upcoming Annual General meeting. In turn, Dr. Khomyakov on behalf of the International Business Congress e.V. invited all interested Singapore companies to join the IBC.

Upon the welcome address of the Ambassador the meeting was proceed according to the agenda focused on following topics: the changes in the IBC Board and in the Presiding Committee membership as well as progress reports of the IBC Board and the IBC Working Committees. The Presiding Committee members confirmed the venue of the next Annual General Meeting and approved the IBC budget for the next year.

In his report the IBC Board Coordinator, Mr. Boeldt assessed the organization of the 22nd Annual General meeting held in Bonn, Germany on 30-31st of May 2019. On behalf of the entire IBC Board Mr. Boeldt thanked all involved parties for their dedicated work and effort to held all events and meetings in the frames of the AGM on such high level. A special gratitude was paid to the hosting companies: Linde, Wintershall Dea and Uniper.

The International Business Congress apart from its main activity is also engaged in social projects by supporting such in Russia and abroad. In 2019 the IBC supported the European Leo Tolstoy School in Berlin, the Scholarship program for St. Petersburg State Economic University and the MedSupport program, aimed at partial or full rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy at the Child Rehabilitation Center in St. Petersburg. The IBC has also supported the new project “Oil and Gas Industry Projects: A Glance into the Future”, aimed to create conditions to promote scientific research in developing innovative technologies of production, storage, processing and transportation of energy resources. The “Youth Day – Energy of the Future” project was implemented with the involvement of experts and financially supported by member companies of the IBC.

The IBC Board Coordinator has also underlined the solid membership base of the IBC. The congress unites 125 members from 24 countries of the world, among which 45 are sponsoring senior members, 55 senior members and 25 ordinary members.

The report was concluded by the announcement that the next AGM will take place on May 21-22nd in Singapore and will be dedicated to the topic: “Challenges and Opportunities of Growing Energy Markets in Asia”. The event will be hosted by the IBC member-companies: Royal Dutch Shell, Gazprom Marketing and Trading and Sakhalin Energy. More companies are welcome to join the sponsoring side.

Upon the retirement notifications of several Presiding Committee members: Mr. Kuzovenkov (Baker Hughes), Mr. van der Linde (Royal Boskalis Westminster), Mr. Panasenko (International Academy of Technological Sciences) new candidacies have been introduced. The new representatives are: Mrs. Akoltseva (Baker Hughes), Mr. Dieteren (Royal Boskalis Westminster) and Mr. Sayfullin (International Academy of Technological Sciences). The voting procedure will take place during the next Presiding Committee meeting in the frames of the 23rd AGM in Singapore.

In the course of the meeting Chairpersons of the IBC Working Committees have presented their profound reports on the executed work during the year.

The Energy committee held three meetings in 2019 and focused on most pressing topics in energy sector. The spring meeting took place in April in Munich, Germany and was hosted by Linde. The central topic was: “Potential role of hydrogen in the natural gas industry”. The session in Bonn, which was held within the framework of the 22nd AGM, was focused on the following topic: “LNG and Hydrogen – Paving the Way into an Ecological Future”. During the autumn meeting in Dusseldorf, Germany the experts worked on the topic: “Paradigm Shift of Gas Industry in the Light of Political Climate Discussions”. Finally, the Chairman Mr. Fip announced the date and venue for the upcoming Energy committee meeting which will be held on 6 March 2020 in Tokyo, Japan and cordially invited all Presiding Committee members to attend the event.

The Modern Technologies and Prospective Oil and Gas Industry Projects committee has shown its active engagement while organizing five meetings in cooperation with such holdings like Siemens, Kamaz and Yokogawa. The first session was held in January in Duisburg, Germany and was kindly hosted by Siemens. The participants considered the topic “Modern Trends in Large Scale LNG Production Technologies.” The second meeting took place in April in Naberezhniye Chelniy, Russia on the kind invitation of Kamaz and focused on: “Natural Gas as the Motor Fuel of the Future: Trends and Perspectives”. In the course of the 22nd Annual General Meeting in Bonn, members and experts discussed the following topic: “Current Trends in the Development of Technologies for Field Development and Processing of Hydrocarbon Raw Materials”. The fourth meeting took place in Tokyo, Japan at the invitation of Yokogawa. The meeting focused on “Efficient High-Tech Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry during Global Digitalization of Economy”. The committee has also established a new project for young scientists: “Oil and Gas Industry Projects: A Glance into the Future”. The best participants received a special award during the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum. Dr. Markelov reported on the successful implementation of this project and asked the IBC Board members and the members of the Presiding committee to support the MTPP Working Committee’s request to provide financial support for the implementation of the project in 2020.

During the reporting period the Law, Banking and Finance Working Committee held three sessions. The first one was held in March in St. Moritz, Switzerland at the invitation of Nord Stream 2. The focal topic was “Brexit- Agreements between the UK and the European Union and their Effect on Cross-Border Financial and Trade Transactions”. The second meeting was held in Lecce, Italy at the invitation of UniCredit Bank. The topic of the meeting was “Current Trends and Modern Technologies in Cash Flow and Financial Risk Management”. Dr. Sadygov also reported about the third session of the committee: “Financial Technologies of the Future: Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence”. It was held in October in Lyon, France at the invitation of Credit Agricole. In conclusion, the Chairman reported on successful implementation of the “Scholarship program” which is executed in the frames of the St. Petersburg State Economic University.

The first meeting of the Ecology and Healthcare committee was held in Thessaloniki, Greece at the invitation of Comita and Frecom companies, which was dedicated to “Natural Gas as a Factor of Sustainable Development. Health & Wellbeing”. The second meeting was held in the framework of the 22nd Annual General Meeting in Bonn, and was dedicated to the same topic as the main conference: “Natural Gas – Paving the Way to an Ecological Economy”. The autumn meeting was organised in Bordeaux, France together with the INIDEP working committee. It was focused on “New Technologies in Gas Industry as a Basis of Energy and Environmental Security”. Dr. Jankovic also informed the audience about the ongoing projects of the committee: the Leo Tolstoy School in Berlin and the “MedSupport” project. It was decided to continue financing the projects in the coming year.

Dr. Aksyutin reported that the Industry, Innovations and Prospective Development committee held three meetings, two of which were joint meetings held together with the colleagues from the INFOC and ECOH working committees. In April 2019 the committee held a meeting dedicated to the topic: “Technical, Logistical and Ecological Aspects of Intensive Construction of Energy Facilities within the Time Limit. The Application of Modern Innovative Management for such Projects.” The meeting during the AGM in May in Bonn was held jointly with the Information and Communication Working committee and was dedicated to “Digital Technologies for Sustainable Development of Oil and Gas Industry”. Another joint meeting with the ECOH Working Committee was held in November in Bordeaux, France. The key subject was “New Technologies as a Basis of Energy and Environmental Security”.

In his statement, Mr. Mukhamedov, the Chairman of the Information and Communication committee underlined the need for innovative technological solutions which fit into a new concept of world vision that predicts the imminent fulfillment of the fourth industrial revolution.
The oil and gas industry, which is considered to be one of the most conservative for obvious reasons, cannot fail to notice the ongoing technological changes seeks to use the full potential of new technologies that open unprecedented horizons in the field of information processing and storage. For this reason, the committee held a joint meeting with the Committee on Industry, Innovation and Prospective Development in Bonn. The committee experts discussed the status and current results of the introduction of digital technologies in the oil and gas industry. Mr. Mukhamedov announced the plan for the upcoming meeting to be held in February 2020. It will be focused on “ Cloud and Edge Computing for the Development of Oil and Gas Industries: Pros and Cons”. Furthermore, it is planned to organize a joint meeting with the Human Resources Committee in March 2020 in Paris, France. The focal topic will be “Digital Technologies for Human Resources Management – a Fashionable Trend or a Required Need?”

Dr. Kasyan spoke about milestones in the work of the Human Resources committee in 2019.The first session was held in February in St. Petersburg, Russia. The participants discussed “Cross-Cultural Issues in HR”. The second HR committee meeting took place in Bonn, Germany within the framework of the 22nd Annual General Meeting. Its topic was “HR Management in the Age of Digital Transformation”.
The third meeting took place in October in the Hague, the Netherlands at the invitation of eVision Industry Software. It was dedicated to “HR Management in Joint International Projects”. Dr. Kasyan also informed about successful implementation of the project “Youth Day – Energy Challenge”. Dr. Kasyan informed those present that the HR committee forwarded a request to the IBC Board to consider the possibility of financial support of the project in 2020.

The Business Security committee, chaired by Dr. Khomyakov had held three sessions during the year. The first one was held in March in Paris, France at the invitation of SAP CIS. The experts discussed “Corporate Security in the Era of Digital Innovations”. The second meeting was held in Bonn in the frames of the 22nd AGM in Bonn. It was focused on “Integrated Security Issues”. The third meeting was held in November in Vienna, Austria and was dedicated to the issues of “Conventional Functions of Security in Supporting Crisis Management: Transition to Business Continuity Planning”. The participants visited the OMV refinery located in a suburb of Vienna, which is one of the largest refineries in Europe.

The Presiding committee meeting was wrapped up by the presentation given by Mrs. Elena Burmistrova, Deputy Chairlady of PJSC Gazprom on the focal topic of the 23rd AGM: “Challenges and Opportunities of Growing Energy markets in Asia”.