23rd Annual General Meeting of the International Business Congress e. V.

Dear IBC members!

Please, let us inform you that in response to decision of the IBC President and the IBC Board of Directors the 42nd Presiding Committee meeting and 23rd Annual General meeting will be held remotely.

The decision was reached due to the current spread of COVID-19 pandemic and in alignment with the German Federal Act to Mitigate the Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The remote General meeting entails an absentee voting of congress members on procedural matters.

In accordance with IBC Articles of Association the congress members shall elect the President, the Vice President, as well as members of the Presiding committee and the Board of Directors. Furthermore, the voting procedure will include approval of the annual financial statement, the work of the IBC bodies, changes in the Presiding committee and in the IBC membership as well as appointment of the auditing company.

The 42nd Presiding Committee meeting will be held prior to the 23rd Annual General meeting.

The intended date for dissemination of voting materials for Presiding committee members is scheduled for a period from 03.09.2020 until 07.09.2020. We expect to receive the completed ballot papers with a personal signature of the members of the Presiding Committee until 15.09.2020 per email to: agm2020@ibc-secretariat.org.

The intended date for dissemination of voting materials for 23rd AGM participants is scheduled for a period from 21.09.2020 until 23.09.2020. All necessary information material of the 23rd Annual General Meeting along with the decisions of the IBC Presiding Committee and the ballot paper will be sent to each IBC member company. Please note that only one representative from each member can be entitled to vote.

Two weeks term will be given for member companies to familiarize themselves with received information as well as to send back an answer on voting agenda, signed by the person entitled to vote.

The filled out and signed ballot paper together with questions, proposals and suggestions regarding IBC activities shall be submitted by member companies to the IBC Secretariat per email: agm2020@ibc-secretariat.org.

The voting results and the decisions reached during the AGM 2020 will be posted on the IBC website.
For further questions on voting procedure, please contact the IBC Secretariat. We are always at your disposal to assist you in any matter.