Press release

On January 28, 2021, a session of the Board of Executive Directors of the International Business Congress e.V. was held online. The members of the Board considered the issues of the IBC working bodies (the IBC Board, the Presiding Committee, the General Meeting and Working Committees) activities, financial situation, the current state of the IBC membership base and the procedure for IBC projects implementation in 2021.

It was noted that in 2021, in accordance with the Federal Law of the Federal Republic of Germany (Decree on the Extension of Legal Measures Concerning Companies, Cooperatives, Associations and Foundations to Combat the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, 28.10.2020) the IBC is allowed to make further decisions concerning main activity matters of the Congress, as well as to hold meetings of its working bodies online, in a hybrid or a remote format. It is recommended to organize the IBC events of the first half of the year 2021 in online format.

The Executive Board noted the stable state of the IBC membership base.

The proposals submitted by the IBC Working Committees to pursue the IBC Working projects in 2021 have been also considered by the Board. Taking into account successful project implementation results achieved in 2020, the Board decided to recommend the IBC Presiding Committee to approve the financial support from the IBC budget in 2021 of the following projects:

“Leo Tolstoy European School in Berlin”
(Ecology and Healthcare Working Committee)

“Scholarship program”
(Law, Banking and Finance Working Committee)

(Ecology and Healthcare Working Committee)

“Youth Day – Energy Challenge”
(Human Resources Working Committee)

“Oil and Gas Projects: A Glance into the Future”
(Modern Technologies and Perspective Oil and Gas Industry Projects Working Committee).