Press release

On March 25, 2021 a regular session of the Board of Executive Directors of the International Business Congress e.V. was held online.

The Board members have been apprized on the approved IBC annual financial report 2020. The members of the Board considered the current membership developments, activities of the Congress in 2021: the Presiding Committee Meeting and the Annual General Meeting including a procedure for organizing video conferencing and informational support of the IBC events. The Executive Board noted the stable state of the IBC membership base.

The members of the Board considered and approved the ongoing process of preparations for the 43rd Presiding Committee meeting to be held on 23 April 2021 via videoconferencing.

The members of the Board agreed on decision to call for the 24th Annual General Meeting in September in Singapore in a form of a hybrid event, offering an opportunity for IBC members to participate either offline or online. The final decision is to be voted on by the Presiding Committee members in April 2021.

It was also noted that meetings of the IBC Working Committees will take place between 12 March and 15 April 2021 via video conferencing. The schedule of the meetings is available on the IBC website.