Working Group: Energy – Publications

16th September 2021 | St. Petersburg, Russia


“Introductory remarks”
by Mr. Uwe Fip, Senior Vice President Gas Supply & Origination, Uniper Global Commodities

Role of gas in West and East – A strategic outlook in the age of greening”
by Mr. Alexey Koshelets, Deputy Head of Department, Gazprom

Natural gas in the light of EU 55% GHG reduction Target”
by Mr. James Watson, Secretary General, Eurogas

“Methane emissions: Strategic ESG considerations”
by Mr. Giangiacomo Dandrea, Head of ESG Risk Management, Uniper

20th April 2021 | Online Conference

Introductory remarks
by Mr. Uwe Fip, Senior Vice President Gas Supply & Origination, Uniper Global Commodities

“Hydrogen: The future of the gas industry?”
by Dr. Timm Kehler Chairman, Zukunft Gas e.V.

“On Russia-EU cooperation in development of hydrogen energy economy”
by Prof. Dr. Andrey Konoplyanik Adviser to Director General of “Gazprom export LLC”

“Security of Supply: Role of Natural Gas and Hydrogen”
by Dr. Christopf Schäfers Senior Vice President Political Affairs, Uniper

“Future role of green gases in Germany and the EU”
by Mr. Leon Stille General Manager, Energy Delta Institute

Special topic: “Oil and Gas Projects: a Glance into the Future”
by Mrs. Marina Yundina, Head of Project

2nd December 2020, online meeting

“Meeting Agenda”

“Introductory Remarks”
by Mr. Uwe H. Fip, Working Committee Chairman, Senior Vice President, Uniper Global Commodities

“Colors of Hydrogen and prerequisites for economic viability”
by Mr. David Burns, Vice President Global Clean Hydrogen, Linde

“Empower Energy Evolution –with Hydrogen”
by Mr. Christian Stuckmann, Vice President Hydrogen, Uniper Global Commodities

“Clean Hydrogen from Natural Gas”
by Mr. Konstantin Romanov, Head of Division Ecology, Gazprom

“Transportation of Hydrogen Gas in Existing Carbon Steel Pipelines”
by Mr. Bjørn-Andreas Hugaas, Vice President, Eurasia Oil & Gas –Norway

“Ambitious projects to kick-start hydrogen economy in the Netherlands”
by Mr. René Schutte, Program Manager Hydrogen, Gasunie

“Hydrogen: Threat or Opportunity for Energy Companies”
by Mr. Mikhail Korobitsyn, Technical Lead, Shell Russia

14th November 2019, Duesseldorf, Germany

“Introductory remarks”
by Uwe Fip, Senior Vice President Gas Supply & Origination, Uniper Global Commodities SE

“Road to decarbonisation and impact on gas demand”
by Gregor Pett, Senior Executive Vice President Uniper Global Commodities

“Gas – Part of the solution”
by Michael Woltran, Chief Advisor Gas Innovation & Advocacy, OMV Gas & Power GmbH

“Trends in LNG Technology and Market”
by Dr. Thilo Schiewe, Vice President Product Management Natural Gas Plants, Linde Group

“Challenges for gas Infrastructure and its financing”
by Anna Eriamkina, Vice President BU Midstream, Wintershall Dea GmbH

“Challenges for energy transition in Japan after Fukushima”
by Kazumi Mori, Director Energy Business Department, Mitsubishi Corporation (Russia)

31 May 2019, Bonn

“Methane based hydrogen energy”
by Aleksandr Ishkov, Deputy Head Department, Head of Directorate, PJSC Gazprom

“Shell LNG outlook”
by Olga Borodina, Vice President, Shell Sakhalin

26 April 2018, New Delhi

“Power generation in India” by Raghav Kanoria, Managing Director, India Power Corporation

16 March 2018, St. Petersburg

“Power Generation Service – localization aspect” by Holger Raabe, Head of SGTT LGT Service, Siemens
“The role of the gas generation fleet in the Energy Transition” by Pedro Lopez Estebaranz, Director of Operations CCGT, Uniper Kraftwerke GmbH

26 May 2017, Vienna

“Gas Prices in Europe What Affects What?” by Mr. Valery Nemov, Gazprom export

24 March 2017, Berlin

“Some Aspects of the Power and Gas Supply by Waste Management” by Alexander Gosten, Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe
“Gas for Transport – 2025” by David Graebe, Gazprom NGV Europe GmbH
“Gas to Power” by Nikolay Rotmistrov, Siemens

11 November 2016, Oslo

“Taking Stock of the European Gas Market” by Rannveig Sofie Stangeland, Statoil
“Managing Norway’s Petroleum Resources”by Johannes Kjode, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
“Reliable Subsea Gas Transport; The History and Contribution of DNV GL-ST-F101 Standard”by Leif Collberg, DNV GL
“Gas Transported to Market on Keel as LNG or in Pipelines; What is Better?”by Nils Andreas Masvie, DNV GL

27 May 2016, St. Petersburg

“PDF – Siemens Gas turbine localization in Russia” by Nico Paetzold, Siemens
“Video – Siemens Gas turbine localization in Russia” by Nico Paetzold, Siemens
“Supply and demand balance of natural gas in Europe” by Sergei Komlev, Gazprom export
“LNG in Road Transport: Preliminary Results” by Stanislav Urzhumtsev,, Gazprom Gas-Engine Fuel

22 April 2016, Hague

“Small scale LNG developments from the perspective of an infrastructure player” by Jan van Esch, Gasunie
“LNG as shipping fuel – current use and its future growth potential” by Nils Andreas Masvie, DNV GL – Oil and Gas

20 November 2015, Berlin

“Nord Stream II – Another project for the security of supply of Europe” by Oliver Giese, E.ON Global Commodities SE
“Mass Production of Pipes for Nord Stream I and prepared for Nord Stream II” by Hans-Georg Hillenbrand, Europipe GmbH

17 April 2015, Lerici

“Introductory Remarks” by Uwe H. Fip, E.ON Global Commodities SE
“Med Hydrocarbon opportunities: the Italian case” by Massimo Sciancalepore, Enel
“New gas infrastructure in Europe” by Oliver Giese, E.ON Global Commodities