Press release

On May 27, 2021 a regular session of the Board of Executive Directors of International Business Congress e.V. was held online.

In the course of the meeting members of the Board evaluated results of the 43rd Presiding Committee meeting, discussed modalities for preparation of the 24th Annual General meeting, considered current membership and financial status of the Congress.

The Board members recognized successful organization of the 43rd Presiding Committee meeting, held on 23 April 2021 via videoconferencing, commending good work of the IBC Secretariat.

As decided by the Board an absentee voting (in written form) on the procedural matters included in the agendas of the 44th Presiding Committee meeting and the 24th Annual General meeting and a survey on participation format of IBC members in AGM in September will be conducted in June 2021.

This year the IBC offers its members an opportunity to attend the 24th Annual General meeting either in person in one of the designated studios in Germany, Russia or Singapore in compliance with sanitary norms or to join the event via video conferencing.

It was also noted that the next online meeting will be held by Modern Technologies and Perspective Oil and Gas Industry Projects Working Committee on 24 June 2021. (Chairman of the Committee – Dr. V. Markelov, Deputy Chairman of the PJSC Gazprom Management Committee).

Up-to-date information on the schedule of the meetings of IBC Working Committees is available on the IBC website.