Press release

Meeting of the Board of Directors of the IBC

On July 06, 2021 a regular session of the Board of Executive Directors of International Business Congress e.V. was held online.

The Board members were presented with the results of a written vote on the agenda of the 44th meeting of the Presiding Committee and the 24th Annual General Meeting of the IBC. 

According to the official minutes, a quorum was reached, decisions on all issues put to a vote were made and the vote was deemed to have taken place. Voting results will be presented during the Plenary Session of the 24th IBC Annual General Meeting in September 2021.

Board members discussed procedures and a draft program of events of the 24th Annual General Meeting scheduled for a mixed format this fall. The new dates for the events were approved: 

  • 16 September 2021: Meetings of the IBC Working Committees
  • 17 September 2021: 24th IBC Annual General meeting.

Members of the Board have considered the draft budget of IBC for the next year and discussed, among other things, the planned amount of funds to be allocated to finance the IBC social projects in 2022.