Press release

24th Annual General Meeting of the International Business Congress took place on 17 September 2021. The meeting was held in a hybrid format in two studios: in St. Petersburg and Singapore. The participants of the General meeting had also the opportunity to join the meeting online.

In the opening speech Chairman of the Management Committee of Gazprom and IBC President Dr. A. Miller noted that such trends in the global economy as digitalization and climate goals set on the agenda by many companies and countries remain in the focus of the Congress’s attention. Dr. Miller expressed confidence that the global problem to reduce environmental impact can be solved using natural gas. Dr. Miller has also announced the 25th anniversary Annual General Meeting to be held in St. Petersburg next year.

At the Plenary Session the Coordinator of the IBC Board, Mr. A. Boeldt delivered an IBC Board annual report, presenting an overview of the financial status and a membership base of the Congress. He also announced voting results on agenda of the 44th meeting of the IBC Presidium and the 24th Annual General Meeting held in June this year in written form. After that Chairmen of eight IBC Working Committees delivered their progress reports on the work of their committees executed in 2020-2021.

The participants of the General meeting took part in the international conference held on the topic: “Challenges and Opportunities of Growing Energy Markets in Asia”.

The conference was moderated by Dr. A. Medvedev (Advisor to Director General of Gazprom Export) in studio in St. Petersburg and Mr. S. Edrenkine (Director General of Gazprom Marketing & Trading Singapore) in studio in Singapore.

Following speakers presented their reports at the conference: Dr. A. Miller (Chairman of the Management Committee of Gazprom), prof. Dr. K-D. Maubach (Chief Executive Officer, UNIPER SE), Mr. G. Kunihiro (President of Diamond Gas International Pte), Dr. B. Frei (Executive Vice President, Industrial Automation Market, Schneider Electric Industries SAS), Mr. L. Pack Sing (Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Singapore) and Mr. D. bin Abdullah (Group Chief Executive Officer, Bintulu Port Holdings Berhad).

From 14 September to 16 September eight IBC Working Committees held their meetings in a hybrid format.

Over 500 participants have registered to take part in the 24th Annual General Meeting of the International Business Congress. They have attended the events of the forum in studios in St. Petersburg, Singapore and watched the meetings online.