Press release

On October 29, 2021 a regular meeting of the Board of Executive Directors of the International Business Congress e.V. was held in a hybrid format

During the meeting the Board members discussed results of the 24th Annual General Meeting, addressed preparations for the 45th Presiding Committee meeting in December 2021 and the 25th anniversary Annual General meeting in 2022 as well as current membership base and financial status of the Congress. The Board has prepared a draft budget for the next year and agreed on necessity to strengthen the IBC membership base.

The general organization of the 24th Annual General Meeting of the Congress held on September 14-17, 2021 in St. Petersburg and Singapore in a hybrid format has been highly praised and acknowledged as successful by the Board members. The event was attended by 437 participants, including representatives from 124 IBC member-companies and guests.
The Board members reviewed 2021 annual report on implementation of the IBC working projects and considered the budget for their implementation in 2022. Currently the IBC is sponsoring 5 social projects: Leo Tolstoy European School in Berlin; the scholarship program; Medical support for children diagnosed with cerebral palsy; international students project “Youth Day – Energy of the Future”; international competition for young scientists “Oil and Gas Projects – a Glance into the Future”.

At the meeting several proposals on dates, venue and a focal topic of the 25th Anniversary Annual General meeting have been considered. These proposals will be a subject to vote on by the Presiding Committee members during the meeting in December 2021.

Due to the negative development of the COVID-19 pandemic and an increased number of new coronavirus cases the IBC Board decided to hold the 45th Presiding Committee meeting in December 2021 online. The voting on procedural matters included in the agenda of the meeting will be held in written form. The necessary information materials as well as ballot papers will be distributed among the Presiding Committee members in advance.

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