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AGM History

10th Annual General Meeting

14-15 June 2007 | Berlin, Germany

The 10th Jubilee AGM was held on June 14-15, 2007 in Berlin. The hosts were 10 German companies.
The focal topic: «Global challenges: Climate Change and Energy Supply». The forum was held on a high representative level with participance by Deputy Economy Minister of Germany Mr. Wuermelling. The AGM brought together over 290 delegates and guests, and the outcome received a wide mass media coverage in Europe, Germany and Russia. On June 14th, in honour of the 10th anniversary of the EBC, the hosts gave a reception and Gala dinner in Charlottenburg Palace.

9th Annual General Meeting

15-16 June 2006 | Portorož, Slovenia

The 9th AGM was held in Portorose, Slovenia, on June 15-16, 2006.
The focal topic- «Development of the European Energy Sector. Prospective Scenarios 2020». The unprecedented number of participants was registered- about 300 persons. The forum was held on the high representative level. The Slovenian Premier-Minister Mr. Janez Janza gave a working breakfast for the EBC President Dr. A. Miller in the course of which the issues of the South-Europen energy sector development for the long-term perspective were discussed. The Economy Minister of Slovenia Mr. Andrey Vizyak and other members of Slovenian government also participated in the forum. The AGM re-elected Dr. A. Miller as EBC President, and Dr. von Heydebreck –as the EBC Vice-President.

The international conference of the 9th AGM heard the positions of the energy business leaders on the future of the European energy sector. The key speakers represented Gazprom, E.ON Ruhrgas, Shell, ExxonMobil, Wintershall, Accenture. The materials of the afternoon conference were published in the Internet and were covered by mass media of the South East Europe.

8th Annual General Meeting

2-3 June 2005 | Vilnius, Lithuania

The 8th AGM was held on June 2-3, 2005, in Vilnius, Lithuania.
The topic was «The Baltic Sea Region-a Growth Hub for Europe». The forum brought together over 250 delegates and guests. The President of Lithuania, Mr. Valdas Adamkus, the Premier- Minister Mr. Algurdas Brazauskas and other representatives of the Lithuanian government participated in the AGM. The host was the renowned leader of the Lithuanian economy, the EBC member company «Achemos Grupe». The forum studied the development prospects of the Baltic region from the point of view of its integration into the European Union. The outstanding politicians, heads of energy majors, heads of international organisations and high-ranking scientists took part in the afternoon conference. The presentations made at the conference were published in the Internet and received a media coverage. They were also forwarded to the interested international organisations.

7th Annual General Meeting

10-11 June 2004 | Varna, Bulgaria

The 7th AGM was held jn June 9-10, 2004, in Varna, Bulgaria.
It was focused on the topic «Infrastructure as the Basis for Sustainable Development of the Regions». The forum was held on a high representative level. Over 250 delegates took part in the session.The Bulgarian President, Mr. Georghi Pirvanov, the OSCE Chairman, Mr. Salomon Passi, Economy Minister of Bulgaria Mrs. Lydia Shuleva and the heads of Bulgarian regions took part in the AGM. The materials of the international conference were publushed in the Internet and received a wide media coverage.

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