On March 18, 2022 a special meeting of the Board of Executive Directors of the International Business Congress e.V. was held in a hybrid format

During the meeting, the Board addressed the management issues of the work of the IBC in 2022, including the organization of the 25th Annual General Meeting and the implementation of the working projects of the Congress.

The Board members considered a proposal to organize an absentee voting on the agenda issues of the 46th Presiding Committee meeting on May 23 to June 3, 2022, in order to hold the elections of the IBC President and Vice president as well as members of the Board and the Presiding Committee, as provided by the IBC Articles of Association.

Special attention was paid to the amendment process of the IBC Articles of Association to legalize online, hybrid and remote (written) format of the events of the International Business Congress.

Given the positive experience of the IBC General Meeting and the meetings of the Presiding Committee and the Working Committees held in online, hybrid and remote (written) formats in 2020-2021, the Board decided to recommend the IBC Presiding Committee to include the issue of amendment of the IBC Articles of Association in the voting agenda of the 25th annual General meeting to make appropriate changes to the IBC Articles of Association.

The Plenary Session and the International Conference “Affordable Energy for the Development of Global Economy” scheduled to be held within the framework of the 25th Annual General Meeting as well as other Congress events have been postponed to the second half of the year (further information, including dates of the IBC events will be published on the website additionally).

The Board members confirmed the implementation of the current IBC working projects and supported the proposal to suspend the implementation of the new projects in 2022.