2d Annual General Meeting of the EBC

The 2nd AGM was held on June 15-16, 1999, in Athens, Greece. The priorities of modern European economy and politics including the mechanisms of strengthening business contacts through economic infrastructure were the focus of the forum. It took stock of the EBC committees activities over the first year, formulated a number of recommendations to the governments of the OSCE member-states in the field of energy, information and communications and business security. The AGM marked the important stage in the organisation-building process which was granting a legal status to the EBC. The forum brought together over 200 representatives of different businesses from 23 OSCE member-states. The key presentations were delivered by Mr. Hans-Dietrich Genscher, the German ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. S. Venizelos, the Greec Minister of economic development, Mr. Lindal, the President of ABB, Mr. Bergmann, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Ruhrgas AG, Mr. T. Price, OSCE Co-ordinator for Economy and Environment.