Leo Tolstoy European School in Berlin

Проект МДК реализуется по рекомендации компании «Газпром Германия»


Informing students about ecology and environmental issues. Discussion of the principles of responsible consumption and respect for natural resources.

Participants/Implementers of the project

Европейская школа им. Льва Толстого в Берлине.
The IBC coordinator of the project is Mr. D. Weßling, Uniper Technologies GmbH.

The financial support was approved by the IBC (former EBC) at the Presiding Committee meeting in December 2010.

In February 2011 the Ecology and Healthcare committee delegation paid a visit to school as sponsors and hosted an ecology class.

In 2014 a trilateral memorandum of understanding has been signed between the Leo Tolstoy School, the Gazprom Education Center and the Bulgarian School in Sofia.

In January 2015, a joint delegation of the IBC Ecology and Health Committee and the BSOS "Bulgarian School" visited a school in Berlin and conducted an environmental lesson.

Start of the project:

2011, on an annual basis

The Project extended to:

2023 г.