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Wednesday, September 14th, 2022
Convention and exhibition center “EXPOFORUM”, St. Petersburg, Russia

Climate Strategies in the Context of Global Challenges
Roundtable of the International Business Congress | Focal topic:

! For IBC members and invited guests only!






In order to attend the IBC Roundtable at the venue of “EXPOFORUM” convention and exhibition centre, it is mandatory to purchase an entrance ticket to the XI St. Petersburg International Gas Forum. After successful registration for the IBC Roundtable, within 24 hours you will receive an individual payment link to your email address to complete the payment and gain access to the XI St. Petersburg International Gas Forum.


To participate in the IBC Roundtable and in the XI St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, it is required to have a printed out negative result of PCR test, confirmed not earlier than 48 hours before the official start of the event.


Data protection

The IBC is entitled to collect, store and use personal data in connection with its events. By
registering, participants expressly consent to the IBC passing on the paticipant’s following
personal information to third parties engaged to run the event:

- Surname, first name
- Telephone number
- Work address
- Telephone number, email address
- Credit card details.

This data is stored on a server belonging to the IBC e.V. or authorized by IBC technical
organization and can only be accessed by those authorized to do so.

Participants’ first and last names and institutions may be published on a list of participants and
shared with other participants, speakers and sponsors of the event. Participants may withdraw
their consent to this. We ask for this to be done promptly in writing addressed to the IBC
Secretariat before the event begins.

The consequences of failure to sign

The user is entitled not to agree to the declaration of consent. However, given that the IBC e.V.
must be in any case able to collect and process the said data, the impact of a failure to sign
would merely be that the intended booking request/ registration would not be processed.

Use of photographs, video and audio content by IBC

Photographs are frequently taken at IBC events, some of which are published on our homepage
or in the IBC newsletter. Photographs of participants may be shared with other participants,
speakers at and sponsors of the same event. Should you not wish this to happen, please inform
the IBC Secretariat in writing. Online IBC working committee meetings can be recorded and
can be made accessible to all IBC members on the IBC website (a password-protected “Login
area”). Recordings may include video and audio streams, presentations, videos, statements,
question and answer sessions, discussions and contributions from the chat function.

User rights

The user is entitled to withdraw this consent at any time without giving reasons. Furthermore,
the data collected may, where necessary, be corrected, erased or its collection restricted.
Detailed information about the scope of personal data collection can be requested at the address

IBC – International Business Congress e. V.
Markgrafenstr. 23
10117 Berlin

Recording of video conferences and dissemination of material by the user

The recording of video conferences without the explicit consent of all participants is an offence
under section 201(1)(1) of the German Criminal Code (StGB). Any online resources provided
may only be used by IBC members for their intended purpose, in line with the objectives of the
relevant working committee meeting or other relevant IBC event. Any use or distribution for
any other purpose is prohibited.

The publication or posting of another person’s private or confidential information (such as
private telephone numbers or e-mail addresses) is prohibited except with their explicit consent.
The forwarding or posting of others' personal content or statements is also prohibited unless
their prior consent has been obtained.

User’s consent

Hereby the user affirms the consent to the collection and processing of the personal information
by the IBC e.V.

The user agrees to the recording of (audio/video/chat) stream where he/she attends IBC
meetings. The IBC meetings will be recorded and made accessible to all IBC members on the
IBC website (a password-protected “Login area”).

The user agrees not to take photographs or make audio and video recordings of the IBC meeting,
not to disseminate any information about the meeting, the organizers, and other participants of
the meeting without their consent.

The user confirms that he/she was timely informed of his/her rights and obligations.