Working Committee: Information and Communication

The activity of the INFOC Committee is dedicated to solving relevant problems and to the development perspectives of information and communication technologies, automation and introduction of modern technologies in the following areas:

  • Telecommunication services
  • Automation of technological processes

The committee is an important platform for discussing practical issues, sharing experience and integrating best practices in the fields of information technologies, automation of technological processes, digitization and cybersecurity, as well as discussing the possibility to develop uniform industry approaches, methodologies, solutions and standards.

The committee provides its participants and invited guests with an opportunity to exchange views and information with a view to developing economic cooperation and introducing innovative solutions.

The committee meets on average three times a year. At the same time the specialized working groups of the committee meet additionally as necessary.

The IBC members as well as other leading companies from oil and gas sector, equipment and software manufacturers, system integrators, engineering and service companies, licensors, public or professional associations are welcome to cooperate with the Information and Communication Working Committee.

For more information please contact:

Mr. Oleg Sviridov

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The next meeting of the IBC Working Committee “Information and Communication”:

on 16 September 2021 at 09:00 – 11:30 (CET)

Venue: H22-24 exhibition pavilion,

ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center, 64/1 А  Petersburg avenue, 196140 St. Petersburg

Focal topic: “Cloud and Edge Computing for the development of Oil & Gas Industries: Pros and Cons”

Agenda of the IBC Working Committee Мeeting



08 July 2020, online

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31 May 2019, Bonn, Germany

“Information standards management as a basis for accelerated commissioning and business competitiveness”
by Mr. Dmitry Smeltsov, Strategic Accounts Manager, AVEVA

“Integrated Process and Power Management Systems at the Age of Digitalization”
by Mr. Boris Muratov, Vice President, Process Automation, Schneider Electric

“Dynamic Barrier Management: a Major Step towards Integrated Predictive Risk”
by Mr. Michel Tol, Vice President of Product Marketing, eVision Software

“Key Trends in Creating Corporate IT Solutions for End-to-End Project Management”
by Mr. Konstantin Slanov, Deputy Sales and Marketing Director, Energy Consulting (Comita Group of Companies)

“Forecasting the Operational Availability of Equipment in the Oil and Gas Industry”
by Mr. Pavel Plakhotniy, First Deputy General Director, TEGRUSS KOMPLEKT
and Mr. Anton Kuznetsov, Configuration and Integration Manager, Cassantec Gmbh

“Digital Transformation Experience in the Oil and Gas Industry: Pros and Cons”
by Mr. Petr Medvedev, Partner, Global Client Service Partner Gazprom, Ernst & Young

26 April 2018, New Delhi, India

“Digital transformation = implementation of IT systems + culture transformation.”
by Mr. Petr Medvedev, Partner, Global Client Service Partner, Gazprom, Ernst & Young (CIS) B.V.

“Cybersecurity and the oil and gas industry.”
by Mr. Evgeny Gengrinovich, The Senior Adviser to the CEO, JSC „InfoTeCS”

“Digital twin of industrial equipment – contexts and use cases.”
by Mr. Sergey Frolov, Head of SAP Center of Excellence in Oil and Gas Industry, SAP CIS LLC

“Intellectual oilfield SAP UFAM – optimization and actualization of operative plans of oilfield activities.”
by Mr. Sergey Frolov, Head of SAP Center of Excellence in Oil and Gas Industry, SAP CIS LLC

30 March 2018, Moscow, Russia Federation

“Cyber-Security – Strategic and Regulatory Context“
by Mr. Paul Reither, Head of Group Security & Resilience, OMV AG
“Cybersecurity issues for the critical information infrastructure of the oil and gas industry”
by Mr. Dmitriy Gusev, Deputy General Director, “InfoTeCS” OJSC
“Telco and Industry Digitalization”
by Mr. Kirill Kushnarev, General Director, Devoteam Russia

26 May 2017, Vienna, Austria

“Open Process Automation Update”
by Mr. Harry Forbes, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group
“The Digital Twin in Oil & Gas: Simulation to Operations”
by Dr. Tobias Scheele, Senior Vice President, Software, Industry Business, Schneider Electric Industries SAS
“Cybersecurity issues in the automated process control systems: view from Russia”
by Mr. Dmitriy Gusev, Deputy General Director, “InfoTeCS” OJSC
“Security issues for critical infrastructure: state regulation in various countries of the world”
by Mr. Edward Bekeschenko, Partner, Baker & McKenzie CIS Limited

3 March 2017, Samara, Russia

“Global Forced Localization and Data Sovereignty Impacts” by Mr. Gregory Conary, Schneider Electric Industries SAS
“From the information security of corporate IS to the information security of APCS: practical application cryptographic information protection facility”
by Mr. Dmitriy Gusev, Deputy General Director, “InfoTeCS” OJSC
“Orange and SE collaboration on LoRa and IIoT technologies development, testing zone in Grenoble”
by Mrs. Elena Krayushkina, Director of Sales Global Solutions and Services, Orange Business Services
“Issues and Solutions of the Analytical Risk Prediction and Rationale of Effective Preventive Measures to Ensure Complex Security of Automated Process Control Systems in the Oil & Gas Industry”
by Mr. Dmitry Kurochkin, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
by Mr. Andrey Kostogryzov, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

27 January 2017, Paris, France

“The development of Manufacturing Execution System for large-capacity LNG project. Experience in the Yamal LNG project.”
by Mr. Mark van Otterlo, Vice President Operations at Yokogawa Europe, Yokogawa Electric Corporation
“Emerson PlantWeb industrial automation technology in application to LNG systems, gas transportation systems and others. Localization issues.”
by Mr. Roel Van Doren, President of Emerson Europe, Emerson
“Digital oil and gas field.”
by Mr. Gokhan Saygi, President Schlumberger Russia and Central Asia, Schlumberger
“Is standardization a cost cutting panacea in today’s low oil price environment? Sharing lessons from recent mega-projects e.g. Nord Stream and South Stream.”
by Mr. Nils Andreas Masvie, Vice President, Russia & Kazakhstan, Eurasia Oil&Gas, DNV GL
“The use of space technologies in order to improve the efficiency of production and process control systems in the oil and gas industry.”
by Mr. Nikolay N. Sevastyanov, General Designer, JSC “Gazprom Space Systems”
“MES, APC, RTO – solutions for profit optimization.”
by Mr. Alexei Zenkevich, Country Business Executive, Honeywell
“The development of highly automated process control systems for hydrocarbon production, oriented on field operation without constant presence of personnel.”
by Mr. Nikolay M. Bobrikov, Chief Engineer, PJSC “Gazprom avtomatizatsiya”

08 April 2016, Nice, France

“New generation architecture of integrated automation solutions to the oil and gas industry on the example of ExxonMobil”
by Mr. Harry Forbes, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group
“The practice of a new generation of industrial automation systems based on mobile solutions and the Internet of Things”
by Mr. Greg Conary, Senior VP, Strategy, Industry, Schneider Electric Industries SA
“Industrial Internet of Things: Experience and Business Opportunities in O&G”
by Mr. Sergey Konovalov, Industrial IoT Engineering Executive, Cisco Systems Inc.

Dr. Barbara Frei

Chairlady Working Committee Information and Communication |
Executive Vice President Industrial Automation, Schneider Electric Industries SAS

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