Working Committee: Law, Banking and Finance

The Committee deals with current issues of financial resource management, enhancement of corporate governance effectivity, investment policies and practices.

The Committee provides a platform for open discussions and analysis, regular meetings and professional networking for business and international expert communities. Trustful atmosphere during the meetings secures an efficient exchange of opinions on global economic and financial agenda and has a practical significance for the development of optimal approaches to solving key legal, banking and financial challenges.

The most interesting reports are published on the IBC website. The outcomes of the meetings are carried over into the protocols, which are to be forwarded to the IBC Secretariat for safekeeping.

The Committee has to its credit the development and submission of recommendations to the Secretariat of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. In 2012, the Committee had successfully initiated the ongoing IBC Scholarship Program for Russian students.

For any further information on the activities of the Law, Banking and Finance Working Committee please contact:

Mr. Mikhail Baryshnikov

PJSC Gazprom
Phone +7 812 609 41 24‬ | E-Mail


The next meeting of the IBC Working Committee “Law, Banking and Finance” will take place in spring 2022.


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Dr. Famil Sadygov

Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, PJSC Gazprom

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