Working Group: Ecology and Healthcare

The committee has defined its goals in compliance with the motto: “for the high quality of life”.

Different problems are considered by the committee in order to achieve concrete results in the field of ecology and healthcare. The committee projects are selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Relevance to current problems in the OSCE member states;
  • Compliance with interests of as greater number of the IBC members as possible;
  • Estimation of the success probability via small pilot projects.

During the working process it became necessary to create two sub-working groups:

  • Ecology Management (Coordinator: A. Ishkov, PJSC Gazprom)
  • Healthcare Technologies and Health Facilities Management (Coordinator: M. Putin, PJSC Gazprom)

The first sub-group deals with following tasks:

– introduction of the ecology management in compliance with the ISO 14001

– project development of the primary realization of the ISO 14001 certification procedure at Gazprom enterprise. The implementation of this project will serve the interests of the companies in the OSCE member states.

The second sub-group deals with following tasks:

– standardization of health facilities and healthcare services in case of emergencies

– ecological health monitoring to identify problems in prevention care for longevity in the modern world

The above-mentioned topics have been chosen as they are of a great importance for most of the OSCE member states. A successful solution of these problems will enhance the effectivity of healthcare systems and help improve people’s health. It can also improve the gas and oil transportation security in Europe.

The committee usually invites external experts to report on particular topics. This allows to enrich the provided information on current ecology and healthcare issues. All interested parties are welcome to cooperate with the Committee.

IBC Secretariat

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The next Meeting of the IBC Working Committee “Ecology and Healthcare” will take place online on April 19th, 2021 at 2 p.m. Moscow time.

Joint Working Committees Meeting “Industry, Innovations and Prospective Development” and “Ecology and Healthcare

Host company – Baker Hughes

Focal topic: “Ensuring Energy Security during Energy Transition“

Participants wishing more detailed information are kindly requested to contact Mr. Urban Ocvirk

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13 April 2018, Munich, Germany

“Value Chain integration in O&G – Siemens Digital Hydrocarbon Concept”
by Mr. Helmut Schnabl, Business Development Head, Siemens AT, Austria
“Applying simulation and additive manufacturing to the development of next generation of hydrogen combustion”
by Mr. Jenny Larfeldt, Professor, Senior Key Expert, R&D, Siemens AB, Sweden

05 December 2014, Berlin

“Progress report” by S. Blagova, Chairlady of the ECOH Working Committee

Dr. Nebojsa Jankovic

Chairman Working Group Ecology and Healthcare

Comita Group of Companies | 5a, First Magistralny Tupik | 123290 Moscow | Russia

Dr. Alexander Ishkov

Sub-Working Group “Ecology” – coordinator

PJSC Gazprom | 16 Nametkina St. |117884 Moscow | Russia

Dr. Mikhail Putin

Sub-Working Group “Healthcare” – coordinator

PJSC Gazprom | 16 Nametkina St. | 117997 Moscow | Russian Federation