Working Group: Modern Technologies and Prospective Oil and Gas Industry Projects

The main goal of the committee is to create a discussion platform for regular meetings and professional interaction among natural gas industry representatives, equipment manufactures and international experts focusing on the use of modern technologies in existing and prospective national and cross-border energy projects.

The major objectives of the Modern Technologies and Prospective Oil and Gas Industry Projects Working Committee include:

  • Monitoring modern technological trends, sharing experience and best practices in the area of improving reliability, security and efficiency of maintenance facilities for extraction, transport, storage, processing and use of oil and gas;
  • Creating consolidated technological priorities in oil and gas business, familiarizing with research institutions and engineering centers on their latest developments and introduction of prospective technologies to enhance the projects’ effectiveness; developing brand new organizational and technological approaches to implement most complex and important projects;
  • Identifying priority technologies and companies of interest for oil and gas market players to implement most important investment projects, organize work on localization of production of key types of manufacturing equipment.
  • Interacting on unanimity and unification of standards, regulatory procedures for the applied equipment and technologies.

All interested parties among the IBC member companies are welcome to cooperate with the committee.

Should you require any further information please contact:

Mr. Vladimir Kliuiko

PJSC Gazprom
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Mrs. Yulia Slavina

PJSC Gazprom
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Mr. Mikhail Ivanov

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The next Working Committee Meeting “Modern Technologies and Prospective Oil and Gas Industry Projects”
12 April 2021 | online at 01:00 p.m. (CET) / 02:00 p.m. (MSK)
Focal topic: “Trends and Prospects for the Gas-to Chemicals Technology in Natural Gas Processing”


03 September 2019, Tokyo, Japan

“Way for Digital Transformation INPEX”
Mr. Toshio Todoroki – Vice President of INPEX

“JOGMEC Way for Digital Transformation”
Mr. Keisuke Miyoshi, Manager Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC)

“Integrated drone inspection service for Oil & Gas industry”
Mr. Kota Kandori, Director Terra Drone

“New Digital Community Comes True with DAC (DAC: Data Analyzing Center)”
Mr. Takashi Sato, General Manager, Prediction management Unit, Data analyzing Center, East Japan O&M Engineering Group JERA

“Digital Transformation in Process Industries “A Journey Towards Autonomous Operations”
Ph.D.Tsuyoshi Abe, Senior vice president & General Manager, Marketing, HQ Yokogawa Electric Corporation

“Mitsui’s experience of the utilization of AI, VR technologies in oil & gas projects”
Mr. Takahiro Nakamura, General Manager, IT & DT Promotion Dept. Planning & Administrative Div. (Energy) Mitsui & Co., Ltd

“Digital Transformation in Saudi Aramco”
Mr. Faisal Talal Al-Askandrani, Digital Transformation Officer, Saudi Aramco

29 January 2019, Duisburg, Germany

“Siemens Production Potential for O&G Industry”
by Mr. Barnes Rob, Head of Siemens O&G Europe, Russia & Africa, Vice President Sales, Siemens AG
“Siemens technology for Large scale LNG projects”
by Mr. Sachero Giuseppe Vero, LNG Projects Head, Siemens AG

“Baltic LNG as a trend setter in Russian LNG industry”
by Mr. Sander Stegenga, LNG Expansion Development Manager, Shell

“IHI experience in LNG projects. LNG tank”
by Mr. Takashi Fukui, General Manager, Business Development & Sales Department, Process Plants Business Unit, IHI Corporation

“MAN Portfolio for LNG“
by Mr. Enrico Enghardt, Managing Director, Head of CIS, MAN Energy Solutions Russia

“Driving Digital Transformation across LNG Asset and Operational life cycle“
by Mr. Johan Vanderplaetse, President Zone Russia and CIS, Schneider Electric

“Integrated Production Excellence Management Program. Synergies from integrating various business processes into one system“
by Mr. Roman Dashkov, Chairman of the Committee of Executive Directors, Chief Executive Officer, “Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd.”

“Challenges in designing and state expert reviewing of LNG plants in Russian Federation: from TDA to construction Permit“
by Mr. Maxim Smolin, Train3 Deputy Project Manager, “Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd.”

“NOVATEK – new player on global LNG market“
by Mr. Sergei Rudenko, Head of Prospective Technologies Division PJSC NOVATEK

“A look at the development trend of Liquefaction technology from China`s LNG plants“
by Mr. Li Wei, Deputy General Director, PetroChina Nature Gas Marketing Company

“Innovative solutions for LNG Terminals“
by Mr. Hans Dieteren, Director Boskalis Offshore Energy

“Developments in World-Scale LNG“
by Mr. Marcus Lang, Executive Vice President LNG & Natural Gas Plants, Engineering Division, Linde AG

30 January 2018, Florence, Italy

“The newest technologies from BHGE for oil and gas production“
by Mr. Andrew Atkinson, Global Commercial Leader – Subsea Production Systems Baker Hughes, General Electric

“Using additive technologies (3-D printing)”
by Mr. Massimiliano Cecconi, Executive – Additive Technologies Baker Hughes, General Electric

“The R&D, best practice and future prospect of SCADA Software for Oil and Gas pipeline Grid”
by Mr. Zejun Huang, Deputy General Director, PetroChina Pipeline Company Ltd.

“Innovative technology of H100 gas turbine as compressor driver for LNG plant”
by Mr. Nobuyuki, HORII, Department Manager, Middle Frame & Small Frame Gas Turbine Engineering Department, Gas Turbine Technology & Products Integration Division, Turbomachinery Headquarters, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd.

“The future of natural gas transportation technology and equipment – Virtual pipeline”
by Mr. Dan Xie, Deputy General Manager, SINOPEC Gas Company

“Мodern rotating equipment technologies for up- / mid- / downstream applications”
by Mr. Enrico Enghart, Managing Director, MAN Diesel & Turbo Russia Ltd.

“MSP/Drilex Subsea Oil and Gas Drilling & Production System Equipment”
by Mrs. Liu Pingnan, Vice President, MSP/Drilex International

26 May 2017, Vienna, Austria

“Gas production center in Yamal. Problems and perspectives of effective oil and gas fields development in Arctic conditions”
by Mr. Sergey N. Menshikov, Chief Executive Officer, JSC “Gazprom Dobycha Nadym”
“System of northern gas-main pipelines − sources of efficiency and reliability”
by Mr. Vyacheslav A. Mikhalenko, Member of the Management Committee, Department Head PJSC Gazprom
“Main Technical Solutions for the Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline OffshoreSection”
by Mr. Sergey G. Serdukov, Chief Technical Officer, Nord Stream 2 AG
“Nord Stream 2 as the new reliable gas supply route to the European Union”
by Mr. Paul Zeppenfeidt, Vice President, Business development Shell Exploration and Production Services (RF) B.V.
“Siemens Digital Platform for Midstream O&G”
by Mr. Willibald Meixner, CEO Power and Gas Division, Siemens AG
“Modern integrated automation solutions of Siemens for operation reliability improvement of main gas “
by Mr. Mike Liepe, Oil & Gas Pipeline solutions, Process Industry and Drives division, Siemens AG
“The importance of Russian Gas for the EU internal market”
by Mr. Thilo Wieland, Member of the Board of Executive Directors, E&P Russia, North Africa & South America,
“The environmental features of different routes of gas supplies from Yamal to Europe”
by Alexander G. Ishkov, Deputy of Department Head – Head of the Directorate, PJSC Gazprom

27 January 2017, Paris, France

“The development of Manufacturing Execution System for large-capacity LNG project. Experience in the Yamal LNG project.”
by Mr. Mark van Otterlo, Vice President Operations at Yokogawa Europe, Yokogawa Electric Corporation
“Emerson PlantWeb industrial automation technology in application to LNG systems, gas transportation systems and others. Localization issues.”
by Mr. Roel Van Doren, President of Emerson Europe, Emerson
“Digital oil and gas field.”
by Mr. Gokhan Saygi, President Schlumberger Russia and Central Asia, Schlumberger
“Is standardization a cost cutting panacea in today’s low oil price environment? Sharing lessons from recent mega-projects e.g. Nord Stream and South Stream.”
by Mr. Nils Andreas Masvie, Vice President, Russia & Kazakhstan, Eurasia Oil&Gas, DNV GL
“The use of space technologies in order to improve the efficiency of production and process control systems in the oil and gas industry.”
by Mr. Nikolay N. Sevastyanov, General Designer, JSC “Gazprom Space Systems”
“MES, APC, RTO – solutions for profit optimization.”
by Mr. Alexei Zenkevich, Country Business Executive, Honeywell
“The development of highly automated process control systems for hydrocarbon production, oriented on field operation without constant presence of personnel.”
by Mr. Nikolay M. Bobrikov, Chief Engineer, PJSC “Gazprom avtomatizatsiya”

Dr. Vitaly Markelov

Chairman Modern Technologies and Prospective Oil and Gas Industry Projects
Member of the Gazprom Board of Directors,
Deputy Chairman of the PJSC Gazprom Management Committee

PJSC Gazprom | 16 Nametkina St. | 117997 Moscow | Russia

Dr. Vyacheslav Mikhalenko

Deputy Chairman Modern Technologies and Prospective Oil and Gas Industry Projects
Member of the Management Committee, Department Head

PJSC Gazprom | 16 Nametkina St. | 117997 Moscow | Russia