25th Annual Jubilee General Meeting and 46th Presiding Committee Meeting of the International Business Congress

The 46th IBC Presiding Committee Meeting and the 25th Annual General Meeting of the International Business Congress were held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on April 14th, 2023.

In his welcoming address, the IBC President noted the significant contribution of the Congress to the implementation of international projects in in recent years emphasized that in the current situation it is particularly important to maintain constructive interaction among the participants of the global energy market.

At the 46th IBC Presiding Committee Meeting, the Presidium approved the new composition of the IBC Executive Board. The budget for the current year was approved and the amount of funding for two socially relevant IBC projects "Scholarship Program" and "Medsupport" in 2023 was determined.

During the meeting, the Presiding Committee Members recommended to the 25th Annual General Meeting to accept the resignation of 22 members and to elect 26 members of the IBC Presiding Committee. Finally, the Presidium considered the Board's proposal to amend the Articles of Association and to determine the prospects for the development of the Congress in 2023-2024.

As part of the Plenary Session of the 25th IBC Annual General Meeting, the Executive Board presented a report on the work of the 2022 Congress and assessed the medium-term development of the organization.

The Congress approved the work of the IBC Bodies (President and Vice-President, Presidium and Board) for 2022, took note of the resignations of the Presidium members and elected a new composition, re-elected the President and Vice-President of the Congress for the next two calendar years. Taking into account the changes that have taken place, the 25th Annual General Meeting of the IBC instructed the Congress Board to research the issue and prepare a proposal for the re-registration of the IBC by November 2023.

The main item on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting was the vote on the amendments to the Articles of Association of the IBC. The legal consulting company MNT Revision und Treuhand GmbH, Limburg, Germany, provided a legal assessment of the forthcoming changes to the wording of the Articles of Association regarding the conduct of IBC events in person and in mixed, virtual and written formats, as requested by the IBC.

In conclusion, the participants of the Annual General Meeting voted unanimously in favor of the proposed amendments to the IBC Articles of Association.

The Plenary session was followed by the International Conference on “Affordable Energy for the Development of Global Economy”.