2015: Expanding the scope of the EBC

The historic 18th Annual General Meeting of the EBC was held in the Serbian capital, Belgrade, on May 28-29, 2015, at the invitation of Srbijagas.
In 2015, the authorized representatives of the member-companies of the European Business Congress decided to expand the scope of the organization. During the Plenary session the EBC members amended the Articles of the Association and agreed on its new name.
The European Business Congress was renamed into the International Business Congress (IBC), a new logo of the association was also approved.
The goals of the IBC were defined as: assistance in the development of the interstate and international economic cooperation, including in the OSCE member countries; international promotion of economic development, including in the OSCE member countries.
Membership in the IBC is open to all enterprises regardless of their location and industry, as well as unions and organizations representing the interests of enterprises.
In his speech, the President of the IBC Dr. A. Miller noted that the expansion of the scope of the Congress will promote the development of relations between the European and Asia-Pacific business communities.
Mr. Aleksandar Antic, Minister of Energy and Mining of Serbia, addressed the delegates of the 18th EBC Annual General Meeting with a welcoming speech.
At the International Conference the attendees discussed “Europe’s Energy Sector: Future Structure and Place in the Global Market”. The conference was moderated by Mr. Marcel Kramer, Senior Advisor to the Management Committee of Gazprom.

Speaches at the conference have been delivered by Dr. A. Miller, Chairman of the Management Committee of Gazprom, Mr. Jaroslav Lissovolik, Member of the Management Board of Deutsche Bank AG, Mr. Dusan Bajatovic, President of Srbijagas. The speakers assessed the current situation in the global energy market, presented the main energy development trends in South-Eastern Europe, and analyzed the macroeconomic factors affecting the energy security of Europe.

In 2015, the IBC launched “Save the City” computer game, initiated by the “Ecology and Healthcare” Working Committee to present benefits of natural gas. After the presentation of the game, various universities and schools have expressed the wish to present it to their students and pupils.