The IBC has established its Secretariat in a centrally located office in Berlin, which is provided with all the necessary equipment required for such an international organisation.

The main tasks of the Secretariat are as follows:

  • maintaining permanent contact with the IBC members as well as with those who have indicated interest and/or their intention to join the IBC
  • co-ordinating and documenting the work of individual working committees and their sub-working groups,
  • preparatory work towards the more important IBC events such as the Presiding Committee Meetings and the Annual General Meetings,
  • and contacts with other international organisations and national economic bodies in order to facilitate the introduction of IBC ideas and findings.

The IBC Secretariat assists the main IBC bodies in various specific tasks including the problems of establishing a mechanism of selection and revision of the ideas and conclusions of the working IBC units and forwarding them in the proper way to the relevant national and international bodies.

Such work has begun at the level of some of the more advanced IBC Working Committees and will be gradually transformed into an input-output system of private business. You can always contact the IBC Secretariat concerning any queries with regards to the IBC.

Please contact us for more information or in case of changes in your company's organizational structure, contact addresses and phone numbers to keep in touch with you.

Contact information

Kurfürstendamm 30 | 10719 Berlin | Germany
Phone +49 30 206 727 03 | Fax +49 30 206 727 04 | E-Mail