8th Annual General Meeting of the EBC

In 2005, 84 companies from 20 European countries were members of the European Business Congress. Leading European political leaders often participated in the EBC events. Thus, during the 8th EBC Annual General Meeting in Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania, the President Mr. Valdas Adamkus received the delegation of the EBC member-companies in the Presidential Palace, and the Prime Minister of Lithuania, Mr. Algirdas Mykolas Brazauskas made a welcoming speech at the EBC Annual General Meeting. Lithuania’s accession to the European Union in 2004 determined the focal topic of the conference held in the framework of the Annual General Meeting- “The Baltic Sea Region – a Growth Hub for Europe”. The speakers discussed economic and energy issues and challenges of Lithuania and its neighboring states. Dr. O. Hahn, former Ambassador of the European Union (1996-1999) moderated the conference. Reports at the conference were made by the heads of leading European companies in the gas industry and banking sector: AO Ahema, Gazprom, UN Economic Commission for Europe, JSC Latvijas Gaze, AO Lietuvos Dujos, Skandinaviska Еnskilde Banken – Vilnius Bankas.

In 2005 Mr. Udo Voelker, Executive Vice President, MAN Ferrostal AG was elected as Coordinator of the EBC Board. Holding this position for 14 years, Mr. Voelker has contributed significantly to the development of the Congress and its global recognition in the business and political circles.