Human Resources

The Working Committee «Human Resources» was set up pursuant to the decision of the 16th scheduled Presiding Committee Meeting of the EBC held on June 14, 2007, in Berlin (Germany) as part of the 10th anniversary EBC General Meeting.

The Committee brings together professionals from companies’ HR subdivisions and educational institutions with membership in the IBC.

The Committee addresses a wide range of HR issues taking into account current requirements and future challenges of international labor market and industrial demand.

The main aim of the Committee is to facilitate international cooperation in HR management and to develop human resources potential of the global energy industry. It is achieved by the following means:

  • sharing experience in key areas of importance for HR services of IBC member companies, including the use of innovative technologies for HR management and development;
  • studying the experience of cooperation between companies and higher education institutions;
  • designing and implementing joint projects meant to attract young talent to the energy sector;
  • facilitating effective intercultural cooperation among IBC member companies.

If your company is interested in attending IBC Human Resource Management Committee meetings, fill out the contact form on the website.