Ecology and Healthcare

The committee set its goals in compliance with the motto: “for the high quality of life”.

The committee considers various ecological and healthcare issues to develop practical solutions. The committee implements projects in accordance with following criteria:

  • Relevance of current challenges in the OSCE member states;
  • Compliance with interests of as greater number of the IBC members as possible;
  • Introduction of small pilot projects to estimate performance indicators of the suggested measures.

Two sub-working groups have been established to address specific projects:

  • Ecology Management
  • Healthcare Technologies and Health Facilities Management

The sub-group "Eclology Management" concentrates on the following problems:

  • Introduction of Environmental Protection Management Systems in compliance with ISO 14001;
  • Developed a project proposal for the initial implementation of the ISO 14001 certification procedure at Gazprom.
  • Project proposal to implement the ISO 14001 certification procedure at Gazprom enterprise. The implementation of this project will serve the interests of the companies from OSCE member states.

The second sub-working group "Healthcare Technologies and Health Facilities Management" carries on following projects:

  • Standardization of health facilities and healthcare services in case of emergencies;
  • Preventive health screenings and ecological monitoring in the modern production environment.

The above-mentioned topics have been chosen due to their great importance for most of the OSCE member states. A successful solution of these problems will increase efficiency of healthcare systems and improve populations health, including enhanced gas and oil transportation security in Europe.

The committee invites external experts to report on most pressing topics to attain extensive and up-to-date information on current ecological and healthcare challenges. All interested parties are welcome to cooperate with the committee.