The Modern Technologies and Prospective Oil and Gas Industry Projects Committee

The main goal of the committee is to create a discussion platform for regular meetings and professional interaction among natural gas industry representatives, equipment manufactures and international experts focusing on the use of modern technologies in existing and prospective national and cross-border energy projects.

  • Monitoring modern technological trends, sharing experience and best practices in the area of improving reliability, security and efficiency of maintenance facilities for extraction, transport, storage, processing and use of oil and gas;
  • Creating consolidated technological priorities in oil and gas business, familiarizing with research institutions and engineering centers on their latest developments and introduction of prospective technologies to enhance the projects’ effectiveness; developing brand new organizational and technological approaches to implement most complex and important projects;
  • Identifying priority technologies and companies of interest for oil and gas market players to implement most important investment projects, organize work on localization of production of key types of manufacturing equipment.
  • Interacting on unanimity and unification of standards, regulatory procedures for the applied equipment and technologies.

All interested parties among the IBC member companies are welcome to cooperate with the committee.

If your company is interested in participating in the IBC committee meetings, please fill out the contact form on the website.