Report of the St. Petersburg Charitable Foundation "Child Rehabilitation Center" for the first quarter of 2022.

The most important thing is the results of the medical rehabilitation of our young patients - children with cerebral palsy. Each one of our victories is the result of a long struggle, with many ups and downs, sometimes literally. Forty children with cerebral palsy have undergone medical rehabilitation during January, February and March. Two of them have made their first independent steps, three of them have walked with support, four of our wards can stand by themselves, twelve of them are able to stand with support, six children now can sit on their own, and two of them are able to hold their heads. Others keep getting achievements.

Each one of these victories became possible thanks to your help and support. Speaking of which, in January we received two large donations from International Business Congress e.V. and the member of Rotary Club Sharon Tennyson.Also we shouldn’t forget about hundreds of one-time and monthly contributions which enabled us to achieve these results.

The world has changed. Now it became even more vital to be close to each other, to keep contact and find ways to support each other.

We have had 5 events during the last 3 months, which were aimed to help children with cerebral palsy to socialize and gain confidence. During the events like «Work out with a star»,- we have had 3 - we motivated each other to achieve results, using stars like Maria Shurochkina - synchronized swimmer, two-time Olympic Champion, Ekaterina Duachenko - saber fencer, Olympic Champion in Rio de Janeiro, Ivan Laptev - MMA fighter, as inspiration. We engaged with arts, listening to the students from Shostakovich school and talking about music. Inclusion is very important. We baked hundreds of cupcakes with chocolate cream and presented flowers from the Fresa Flowers shop to all women around during International Women's Day. We were together with you all.

We also would like to let you know that we appeared on rankings of charitable and non-profit organizations and took 3d place for transparency and partnership potential in the Top 20 Saint Petersburg`s charitable organizations. The German Globus Stiftung Foundation has also approved our application for one of its charity programs.

We are sure that the current situation mustn't hurt those who are already suffering beyond their share. This will enable us to continue helping the children with cerebral palsy and their families. We can't do it without you. Together we can make a difference.