About IBC

Some of you may wonder what the IBC is actually about. The answer is quite simple: The IBC is an international not for profit organisation that brings together pragmatists from the business community as well as political representatives to discuss concrete entrepreneurial questions and topics of current economic relevance.

The IBC is to be regarded as providing a framework for a sustained dialogue across the borders between different cultures and mentalities. This dialogue is conducted at the annual general meetings, the Presiding Committee meetings and within the IBC’s eight working groups.

Especially in the working groups, representatives of each IBC member company have the opportunity to select topics, discuss specific problems with other participants and, if appropriate, the working groups can draw up reasonable recommendations to the governments. A vehicle for transmitting such recommendations is the IBC Presiding Committee that comprises high-level representatives of member companies and organisations. It has established numerous contacts with international organisations and governments and is thus able to communicate the results achieved by the IBC working groups to decision makers in business and politics

Apart from this political aspect, the IBC makes it possible to forge direct contacts between companies worldwide, obtain first-hand information and, last but not least, take advantage of business opportunities. The IBC is committed to the basic objective of improving living conditions by means of broad economic cooperation.

You are welcome to seize the opportunities afforded by active IBC membership and help make the IBC a clearly heard mouthpiece of economic policy for the whole business world.

Articles of Association

Amendments approved by the Twenty-second Annual General Meeting, 30 May 2019
Articles of Asscociation IBC.pdf