About IBC

Some of you may wonder what the International Business Congress (IBC) is actually about. The answer is quite simple: the IBC is an international nonprofit organisation (NPO) that brings together pragmatic business community and political leaders to start a dialogue on particular entrepreneurial issues and topics of current economic relevance.

The Congress provides a platform for a sustained cross-border intercultural dialogue in the framework of its Annual General meetings, Presiding Committee meetings and meetings of Congress’s eight Working Committees.

Each IBC member has an opportunity to initiate discussions on specific topics and, if necessary, draw up recommendations for the respective government. These recommendations will be later passed on in the framework of the IBC Presiding Committee as it comprises high-level representatives of IBC member companies and organisations. The Presiding Committee has an established network including governmental bodies and international organisations and, thus, is able to communicate the results achieved at the meetings of the IBC Working Committees to political and business decision makers.

Apart from the political aspect, the IBC is able to forge direct contacts with companies worldwide, obtain first-hand information and, no less important, use these opportunities for the sake of business. The Congress’s activities aimed at improving living conditions for all by expanding economic cooperation.

Join us to benefit from IBC membership and seize ample opportunities while making the Congress heard as a mouthpiece of private business in the global economy.

Articles of Association

Amendments approved by the Twenty-second Annual General Meeting, 30 May 2019

Articles of Asscociation IBC.pdf