Financial support for seriously ill and disabled children whose families can’t afford the costs of the necessary medical support.

Participants/Implementers of the project

ECOH working committee, MEDSUPPORT e.V.

The coordinator of the project from the IBC side is Mr. D. Weßling, Uniper Technologies GmbH.

Duration of the project:

12 months, on an annual basis

Start of the project:


The Project extended to:





About project

Since 2018 International Business Congress is financing the work of the Children’s Rehabilitation Center in St. Petersburg as part of the Medsupport project, supervised by Ecology and Healthcare Working Committee. The center treats children with severe forms of cerebral palsy. Children diagnosed with this disease suffer from a musculoskeletal disorder caused by the brain damage appeared at early stage of the child’s development.

The center offers young patients all necessary medical rehabilitation courses based on Romanov-Suslova method. It includes individual orthopedic procedures for correcting joints. Hence, the center independently manufactures shoes, insoles, crutches, ankle braces and other complex orthopedic products to meet the needs of patients. Children from all over Russia and other CIS countries have already received or are getting treatment at the center.